In our company we want that all of ours passengers travel safety. We are the unique company that do not charge a baby or child seat from Alicante Airport to Moraira Teulada and also to Calpe, Benisa or Javea. If you do not have your own or don’t wish to bring it with you of course we will provide it because we offer a range of services and accessories that will ensure you travel in comfort and style all times.

Baby seat or child seat from Alicante Airport to Moraira Teulada

It is important to us that you book in advance your baby and child seat to guarantee it the best one for your child. We do not carry baby seats in our cars, vans and minibus in every journey that’s why we recommend you to book it in advance to be able to provide you a baby or car seat that is suitable for your son or daughter.

Reliable baby or child seat from Alicante Airport to Moraira Teulada. Toddler Baby Seats.

All of our drives are professional, diligent, experienced and trained in fitting baby seats in our vehicles, in this case you can be confident that your child will travel in safety and comfort. Our fitted baby seats have no additional cost when you travel with Transfers to Moraira, we provide carrycot for the newborn babies.

Free Carriers / prams

If you are travelling with carreirs we do not charge extra money for this reason. If you are a couple traveling with one kid and can fit into our 1-4 sedan cars price will be 105 € as always. If you are two adults and two kids we recommend 5-6 seater van to have enough room for carriers and prams or portable bassinets (carrycots), strollers (pushcharis), slings, backpacks, baskets or bicycle carriers.

Safe Group 1/2/3 car seat that has a 5-point harness to ensure that children from approximately 9 months to 12 years are secured on every journey. 

How to book a baby, child or infant seat from Alicante Airport to Moraira Teulada

Finally if you are looking for a baby seat in minicab and taxis from Alicante Airport to Moraira Teulada we aim to provide the most effective level of all-round service and given the important of these seats and their proper use. If you are confident about travelling safely please contact us

You can book a cab paying cash to the driver or in advance.


  • How do I know the availability of child seats when I get a quote?
  • When you enter your pick up and drop off destination and select the option for kids or babies and we will bring it to the trip.
  • What is the minimum notice period is required to book a taxi with a child seat request?
  • You can book at anytime but please book in advance at least with 24 hours to guarantee the transfer.
  • Imporant Information
  • We will provide always the correct child car seat per height, weight and age.